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Wakeups (not complete)

Probably the two most important functions of a hotel phone are life safety and wakeup calls.  Life safety simply means the phone must be able to dial 9+911 and panic 911 at all times.

Newer Mitel systems allow for three separate wakeups to be set for extensions.  This means if Mr. Bob is staying at a hotel for a week and needs a daily wakeup at 07:00 AM, he can still have the attendant set a wakeup for him to take a nap in the afternoon without worrying about loosing his daily wakeup.

To enable wakeups, there's a little programming to be done.

In the guest phone COS:
  1. Enable option 322 (Confirm Wakeup by Offhook).  This will confirm the wakeup was received by the guest when he picks up the receiver.
  2. Enable option 202 (Alarm Call).  This allows an extension to be programmed to ring at a specific time.
  3. Enable option 244 (Room Status Applies).  This allows an extension to have its room status changed, and is part of the hotel/motel feature package.  This option is not necessary unless using the hotel/motel package, which is not used when a property has a PMS (property management system).