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PMS Interface on Mitel 200 platforms

Symptom: Names update, but maid status codes don't work.

Cause: System option 108 is wrong.

The Property Management System interface to a PBX is responsible for:
  1. putting the guest name on the phone providing caller id to the front desk
  2. unrestricting the phone so the guest can make long distance calls
  3. communicating room status when housekeeping dials appropriate codes from the phone in the room.

If names are updating but maid codes don't work then the problem is that system option 107 (lodging) is enabled instead of system option 108 (PMS). Lodging is a suite of features designed to provide basic hospitality functionality without a PMS - it's self-contained in the PBX. Nobody uses option 107; hotels use option 108.

How did these options get flipped?

You upgraded the PBX. In many versions, when you perform a local upgrade, system options 107 and 108 will get flipped. So after performing an upgrade it is good practice to check this option.

How do I fix it?

Options 107 and 108 are mutually exclusive; you cannot enable option 108 without first disabling option 107. But there are other system options (9, 11, 12, 13) that require either 107 or 108 being enabled. Don't worry about remembering them; the PBX will fuss at you if some dependency needs to be disabled first. The point is that you need to:
  1. disable any enabled options that depend on 107/108
  2. disable system option 107
  3. enable system option 108
  4. re-enable the options disabled in step 1.
That's it! No system reboot or anything else to do; it'll work as expected now!