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Gather data from a 200 platform

This is a quick summary of how to collect printable data from a 200 platform.  The idea is that you copy what you see, then paste it into notepad, then do a little editing to improve layout, and finally save/print.

Step 1) dial into a mitel PBX using procomm.  You can also harvest data using secure telnet, but it is much less efficient.

Step 2 - procomm) select the visible text you want to capture.  do this by drag-clicking across a section.  Your selection will turn yellow showing you exactly what you've selected, and when you release the left mouse button, you'll be presented with a menu.  For our demonstration, we'll choose "Copy to windows clipboard" as indicated in the following screen shot (click to enlarge):

OR Step 2 - sTelnet) first click the icon at the top left of the application window.  Then select edit -> mark.  Then drag-click across the section you want to copy.  When you've got it selected, copy it to the clipboard by pressing enter.

Step 3) open notepad.  I like start -> run -> notepad. 

Step 4) Press ctrl+v to paste in your selection.  Repeat steps 2 and 4 as necessary to capture all the data you want to print.

Step 5) save your file.  It's best to do this before printing so the name of your file will be printed at the top of each page.  When saving, be sure to select UTF-8 encoding.  This is not the default.  Changing to UTF-8 encoding will keep the form borders looking like they should.

Step 6) printing.  If you'd like to save your file as a PDF, I recommend installing the Bullzip PDF printer.  This application installs on windows PCs, and functions just like a printer.  But when you print to it, it opens a dialog box that lets you save what would be printed as a PDF (instead of actually printing it).