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Linux terminal sharing

When you're administrating a linux server, the time will probably come that you need to collaborate with a peer on an issue.  When this does happen, linux is ready to let you work in real time with your peer -- regardless of your geographical location, as long as both folks can SSH to the server, then both can share a screen (and see the exact same thing).

Very simply, the process is:
  1. Both people SSH to the server with the same credentials.
  2. The first person creates the shared screen by typing: "screen"
  3. The second person joins the shared screen by typing "screen -x"
That's it!
Now the screens are paired.  And anything typed in one is visible in the other.  And all responses in one are likewise visible in the other.

You can exit with the exit command.  If the first person exits before the second person, the second person will be kicked out of the screen (and return to their original SSH terminal).