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Primary Domain Controller

Running ClearFoundation as a primary domain controller has enabled me to run roaming profiles.  Roaming profiles are a bit of a pain.  I've used them before and kindof liked them.  At the moment, I'm neither using nor recommending them.

But if you insist on roaming profiles, here are some thoughts:
The first thing I found was that I needed to keep my profile's footprint small.  A profile includes a lot of things including dekstop clutter, my documents, temporary files, and more.  So for starters I wanted to trim down my profile on logout by dumping some of this overhead.  So I created a logoff script on my user drive, and call it with IF EXIST U: CALL U:\logoff.bat
This file includes the line: c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe /sagerun:25
I also wanted a script to run at logon to setup things.  After some looking, I found:
Which includes:
Sorry, I've been heads buried in documentation.

For the logon script to work it needs to be called logon.cmd and needs to be placed in /var/samba/netlogon. It must also be a dos script and not a Javascript or Visual Basic Script (vbs). If you want to run other types of scripts you can use the DOS 'call' command.

On user directories: Your user directory will not automatically appear unless you have all your conditions right and have the workstation properly joined to the domain. That being said, you can easily map a network drive to your user and it will be quite visible if you are using the same username//password combination between the workstation login and the server's credential information...even if the workstation is not on the domain.

Click on Start >> Run and type:

If you don't see the user's directory then you have either not created the user with file server capability or the username//password combination is bad or wrong.

Another thing I did was to change the mapping of "My Documents"  I do this whether or not I'm running roaming profiles.  I change the location of My Documents to be on the user drive.  This ensures the server's copy of my docs is always fresh and good for backing up.  This can also cripple users with laptops, who might not always be logging into their PC when on the domain!